Inudo means "Way of the Dog" in Japanese.

Inudo Dog Training offers in-home private lessons as well as board & train programs to help you reach your training goals. No matter what stage of life you or your dog may be, I will work with you both to address issues of concern,  gain new skills, and enriching the relationship between you.

It is important to remember that dogs are not an accessory to control, but that they are sentient beings that require their needs to be fulfilled just as much as we do.  In the past our goals were very similar to those our our four legged companions that we worked with in cooperation.  We ensured the safety of our "pack", we acquired food and sought out shelter to survive.  Advances in science and technology have allowed our daily struggles to lessen, but at the cost of losing our connection to the natural world around us.  It is this disconnection with nature that causes gaps in our relationships with dogs.  

To that end, my training philosophy focuses on the notion that in order for a dog to be happy, well-balanced, and live in cooperation with us again, we as caretakers must recognize a dog’s motivation and instinctual needs, and ensure that these are understood and satisfied in constructive ways.

People and dogs learn in different ways and at different speeds. Therefore, my training methods are adapted to fit the needs and speed of the human, as well as the dog. It is important to find the right balance so that training is not overwhelming or ineffective for either participant.

Be a leader. Offer them respect.  Earn their Trust.  Build a relationship. Become a team again.